SPRINGER: The course for upgrading

Andrey Primak, Alexander Sumarokov, photo: Heimo Huspek, Nina Reyes


The main strategy of the SPRINGER company in recent years – is the modernization and technical re-equipment of existing sawmills and woodworking enterprises in Russia.

In the new conditions of production development, the constant shortage of sawlogs and the increase in its value, the Austrian company SPRINGER Maschinenfabrik pays special attention to the development of projects for the creation of new enterprises in the most strategically important forest industrial regions of Russia. The company considers it important today to produce not a separate modernization of the plant sites, but to do completely the complexes of enterprises already on the formed production site with the appropriate infrastructure provided with the forest, water and electricity necessary for production. Alexander M. Sumarokov, representative of SPRINGER Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Russia, spoke about the company, which today is the leader in the production of modern equipment for individual orders in the field of sawmilling and deep wood processing.

How long has your company been on the market? What course of development did SPRINGER choose for itself in the new economy?

More than 30 years of SPRINGER experience on the Russian forest market makes it possible to consider that the main factor in the forestry business is the complex use of raw materials and the development of high-priced, high quality products. That is why, in all projects of the company, the highest quality and precise equipment is used, not only by SPRINGER firms, but also by other partner firms that are in constant contact with the technical re-equipment of Russian forestry enterprises. For example, for the production of high-quality sawn timber, first of all, at the section for the sawn timber section we put the most proven and high-precision equipment of the German company LINCK, which is often 2-3 times more expensive than the analogues from Sweden and Finland.

What is the main idea of SPRINGER?

The main idea of SPRINGER company is the construction of high-tech enterprises at already operating plants with the existing infrastructure and human resource in the person of highly qualified specialists. In the conditions of severe competition, the company designed, developed and built a sawmill complex at ZAO Lesozavod 25”. Despite the fact that the first two stages of construction were with the participation of Finnish and Estonian companies, SPRINGER carried out this project entirely on its own, with the participation of partners from Germany, but without the participation of Finnish and Estonian equipment.

On the industrial site of OAO «LDK-3» (the third section of ZAO «Lesozavod 25», part of the GC «Titan») produced the first production of a new sawmill. A new boiler house on bark and wood waste was also launched. The enterprise has started the

second stage of modernization of the production site: works on the foundation and monolithic plates for the line for sorting dry sawn timber and blocks of drying chambers have been completed. The installation of a sorting line for dry sawn timber began (280 million rubles, Springer Maschinenfabrik AG (Austria).

What are the plans for the company SPRINGER in the region of Siberia?

The company pays much attention to the enterprises of Siberia and the Far East. In recent years, such projects have been implemented, for example, ZAO “LDK Igirma” in the Irkutsk Region, Ust-Ilimsky LPK, OOO “Asia-Les” and Amursky LPK in the Khabarovsk Region and, of course, Novoyeniseysky LHK in the Krasnoyarsk Region. We are happy to develop projects on the territory of Siberia, as Mikhail Lomonosov said: «Russian power will grow with Siberia!»

What new projects has your company implemented this year?

The most important project in 2017 for SPRINGER is the project of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the Maimaksan site of ZAO “Lesozavod 25”, in which SPRINGER also acts as the general supplier of equipment for a new sawmill with a capacity of about 550 thousand cubic meters of raw materials per year. In the equipment supplied by the company, the latest most advanced developments were used, such as the combined line for sorting green and dry sawn timber, the screw feed system for logs and materials, and so on.

What effect do you expect from participation in the EXPODREV 2017 exhibition in Krasnoyarsk?

In my opinion, this kind of exhibition is, perhaps, the only place where you can really assess the development of industry and observe the market trends. At such exhibitions and forums you can meet with experts, discuss pressing problems, consider them on specific examples, share experiences, draw conclusions, and find some joint solutions. It is very good that interest in forest science is alive, because it means so much for the present and future of the entire forest industry in Russia. Firm SPRINGER is a constant participation of the exhibition EXPODREV and the timber industry forum from the very beginning of the exhibition in Krasnoyarsk. At events of this format, it is possible to meet with highly qualified specialists, not only from Siberia, but also from Western Russia and to consider concrete examples of the introduction of new technologies, to share invaluable experience. I expect that at the forum and at the exhibition we will meet with such specialists as the General Director of OOO “Sibirsky Les” Malkov Sergey Yurievich, the General Director of OOO “Krasny Oktyabr” in Perm Alexander Susloparov. Representatives of banks, notably Bank “VEB: Bank Razvitia”, represented by Yuri Veniaminovich Slesarev, who regularly visits such forums and takes an active part in them, will not be left without attention. From the Khabarovsk Region we expect a representative of the Center for Forest Certification of the Khabarovsk Region Zakharenkov Andrey Sergeevich. And of course we are waiting for a meeting with the representative of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Forest named after V. Sukachev., Bondarev Alexander Ivanovich. Though he grows, and we recycle, but in our discussions, we find a lot in common.

The main task is to show at the exhibition EXPODREV and the timber industry forum that SPRINGER does not deal with minor upgrades of individual sites, but completely eliminate all old equipment, the production site is temporarily moved to another location so that the enterprise can partially function and earn, and in another section a new complex With modern equipment. Further, the site where the old equipment was operating is being liquidated, a new complex is also being built in its place. This experience has already been applied at the industrial site of OAO “LDK-3”, where the modernization of production is currently under way. There remained the old pier, i.е. loading is ensured, there is a raw material base and a human resource, highly qualified, it should be noted that during the Soviet years LDK-3 was the main research, production and experimental base of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Processing of Wood (TsNIIMOD, Arkhangelsk). The current modernization at the production of JSC «LDK-3» in the Arkhangelsk region is the fruit of many years of work and dreams of our forest industry specialists about the creation of such a unique enterprise! It remains to be hoped that the expert opinion of specialists with many years of experience will be heard by other market participants: both suppliers of technological equipment and its recipients in the timber industry in Russia.SPRINGER: The course for upgrading

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